Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are devices used in homes and other premises to get rid of contaminants that may be lurking in the air. These devices are available in various sizes and power. For home use, one may only need to purchase a stand-alone air purifier. On the other hand, for large premises like hospitals, large air purifiers that can be affixed to an air handler Unit are more preferable. Either way, you would receive great benefits when you purchase the best air purifier. But the main question remains: what is the best air purifier for allergies?

Health benefits of having an air purifier

There are many benefits obtained as a result of having air purifiers in our premises. They are very helpful especially to people suffering from asthma or allergies. This is because they help get rid of second hand smoke and other allergens in the air and thus enable such individuals breathe pure air. Also, they reduce skin itch and irritation from allergens in people with allergies. Air purifier also help in elimination of bacteria and virus which may otherwise lead to illnesses. When air fresheners are used in laboratories and hospitals, they help freshen the air of the chemicals.


Air purifiers also helps us to relax. This is through enhancing availability of pure air which releases negative ions in the nervous system and therefore aids in relaxation.
Importantly, air purifiers reduce the risk of disease contamination from a sick individuals to others in the same premises. It makes this possible through the capture of bacteria and viruses in the sick person’s room.

Air purifiers also reduce the health effects of fumigation. This is by clearing the chemicals that are left in the air by fumigation.
Air purifiers help maintain health of vital body organs, that is, the heart, brain and lungs. When pure air is breathed in, it reduces the risk of lung contamination by bacteria and viruses. Besides, it is possible to maintain a healthy brain and heart through enhanced respiratory functioning.

Important Features of Air Purifiers

The area coverage of the air purifier is an important consideration when purchasing. The area covered should be equal or greater than the room to hold the air purifier.

Also, you should check for the amount of noise emitted from an air filter. You do not want air filter that makes your premises hell to live, stay or work in.

Also check for the energy consumption of the air purifier. It should not be too expensive to maintain its operation.
It is also important to check the type of filter in the air purifier. Some filters are more superior and efficient than others.
Finally, check for the filter change requirements. This includes, the availability of filters and the cost of changing the filters.


Technical aspects to consider before buying an air purifier

Automation of the air purifier. The air purifier should be automatic to make it easy even for non-technical individuals to set and reset it.

The type of air filter used is also important in evaluating the efficiency of the air purifier depending on what it is meant for.

Another technical aspect to look for is the Air Changes Per Hour rating. This feature is important in evaluating the frequency of air exchange between the room and the air purifier.

Clean Air Delivery Rate is another technical feature to look for when purchasing an air purifier. This determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the device in purifying the air.